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Southern Arizona Mobile Notary Services

Experience hassle-free notary services, tailored to your needs, right here in Tucson, Arizona! Additional areas include Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, Rita Ranch and beyond.

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About Me

Hi there! I'm Alix Lehrman, your friendly neighborhood notary public in Tucson, Arizona. I'm here to make your notarization process a breeze. Whether you need documents authenticated, signatures witnessed, or forms notarized, I've got you covered. As a certified notary, I bring convenience to your doorstep, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way. Let's get those papers sorted – reach out to schedule your appointment today!

Notary Services Offered

Our General Documents service covers a wide array of documents, ensuring that your needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy. Here are some of the types of documents we frequently notarize:

General Notary Work Documents

  • Contracts: Including business contracts, lease agreements, and service contracts that require a notary to validate the signatures of the parties involved.
  • Deeds: for the sale or transfer of real estate.
  • Affidavits: These are sworn statements of fact used in legal proceedings or other official matters.
  • Power of Attorneys: A legal document that allows you to appoint someone to manage your financial, property, or medical affairs if you are unable to do so.
  • Wills and Trusts: legal documents that dictate how your assets should be distributed after you pass away.
  • Medical Documents: Advanced directives, medical power of attorney, and other healthcare-related documents.

And More! If you have a legal document that needs to be notarized, chances are a general notary public can help you.

In Arizona, notary public rates are regulated by state laws and are fixed for each type of notarial act, such as acknowledgments or oaths. Travel fees are based on rates set by the Arizona Department of Administration and covers the notary’s travel expenses and time.

Pricing and Fees


$10 per notary signature

Oath or Affirmation

$10 per notarial act


$10 per notary signature

Travel Fee

65.5 cents per mile


What is a notary public and what do they do?

A notary public is a certified official appointed by the state government to act as a neutral witness in various legal transactions. Their primary role is to verify the authenticity of signatures, administer oaths, and notarize documents to deter fraud.

Do I need an appointment for notary services, or can I walk-in?

We exclusively offer mobile notary services and we do not have a physical business location that accommodates walk-ins.

While appointments are preferred as they allow us to provide prompt and personalized service, we understand that urgent situations can arise. Simply text or call 520-222-7782, and we'll do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.

What do I need to bring to my notary appointment?

Please bring the document to be notarized, a valid unexpired photo ID, and any other parties who need to sign the document. If your document requires witnesses, please bring them along, along with their valid unexpired photo ID. Witnesses are not provided.

What areas do you serve in and around Tucson?

Our mobile notary services cover all of Tucson and its surrounding areas, including Marana, Oro Valley, Catalina Foothills, Vail, Mount Lemmon and Sahuarita. Please contact us for specific coverage details or to arrange for services outside these areas.

How long does a notarization appointment typically take?

The duration of a notarization appointment can vary depending on the complexity of the document and the number of signers required. Simple notarizations often take just a few minutes.

Can a mobile notary refuse service?

Mobile notaries can refuse service if they have a reasonable belief that the notarization is unlawful, or if the signer does NOT meet the necessary criteria, such as proper identification.

What type of documents can a mobile notary notarize?

Mobile notaries can notarize a wide range of documents; including affidavits, deeds, power of attorney, wills, loan documents, and more.

Acceptable Forms of ID for Notary Services

Every signer must show valid (not expired) photo identification. All identification must contain a photo, a physical description, a signature and a serial number. Arizona recognizes the following types of identification if issued within the last 5 years:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued identification card
  • U.S. military identification card
  • Resident alien identification card
  • U.S. Passport

Unacceptable Forms of ID for Notary Services

Each signer must present a current (not expired) picture identity card. All forms of identification must include a photograph, a physical description, a signature, and a unique serial number. The following kinds of identification are accepted in Arizona.

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards

Is it permissible for a notary public to provide legal advice or create legal documents?

No, it is not permissible. Notaries public are prohibited by all states from practicing law if they are not licensed attorneys. This includes providing legal advice or drafting legal documents. Additionally, a notary may be held liable for any damages arising from the selection of an incorrect certificate or improper notarization.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona therefore I cannot interpret the contents of any document for you, instruct you on how to complete the document, or direct you on the advisability of signing a particular document. Any questions about your documents should be addressed to your attorney, individual or organization that required the notarized document, lender, or title company.